Car Talk & Sunday Morning


I love Car Talk.  Click and Clack are, in my opinion, the funniest guys around.  I listen to the show because they make me laugh.  As a bonus, I learn about cars.  Not that I do anything much about the car other than say, “John, I think there is something wrong with the car.”

But you know, they’re evangelist’s.  It isn’t the “Good News of Jesus Christ”, but it’s the good news of humor.  And for my money, we all need more of that. So I’m willing to “share” the word evangelist with them.

Last Saturday, one of the callers was a young women – late 20’s as I recall.  I don’t remember her car problem, but after much kidding and flirting, Tom and Ray walked her through how to fix the problem.  And then one of them said, “So on Saturday morning when you’re relaxing and don’t have much to do you can fix your car.”  And she replied, “No, that would be Sunday morning.”

Wow. There it was in one short sentence — the gap between the church and many young adults.  The gap between the church and many people of all ages, actually.

For many many people Sunday is not any different from Tuesday, for example.  It isn’t set aside for worship, or at least worship in the usual organized Christian sense.  Sabbath appears to be an unfamiliar word and concept.  It is a day for rest (good), a day perhaps for family and community (good), but where is worship?

Where is the church?  Is it “their” fault or ours (the church)?

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