Do You Need a Coach?

You and your church are back from the busy Advent and Christmas seasons and ready to tackle Epiphany with Lent around the corner! It can be especially busy for clergy and lay employees.  How are you managing your time and balancing family, work, and self care? Did you make some Epiphany resolutions about self-care?  Do you need a time and way for your soul to catch up with your body? 

After 30+ years as a lay employee of the Episcopal Church, I continue to serve in many ways, particularly in coaching and spiritual direction with clergy and lay employees.

I am in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and can meet you at many locations around the diocese if you’d like to ask me questions. I can also set up a video phone call.

You may be familiar with spiritual direction, or have a spiritual director.  Coaching is a bit different.  What is it?

  • Coaching is a purposeful dialogue in God’s presence between the two of us, that helps unlock your potential and enrich your ministry and leadership.
  • I will:
    • Seek to create a safe space where you can share, reflect, try on new ideas…
    • Help you ask questions and unlock the answers.
    • Use deep listening, empathy, curiosity, and  give feedback.
  • You set the agenda – what is working well or not so well? What are the outcomes you hope for? I adapt the strategy based on what you want out of this.

I am also available to lead vestry and staff retreats, mutual ministry reviews and strategic planning sessions.

Learn more: email me.

You can read a fuller bio of me here.

Carolyn Moomaw Chilton


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