Step 1: Sunday Visitors

Just say the word “evangelism” and many people run screaming into the Sunday School closet saying “Not me, not me!” Or as a friend of mine once said, “I’m terrified that God is going to call me to be a street corner evangelist.”  Stop all this.  It’s not like that.

Evangelism is about relationships.  Let’s start with Sunday mornings and look at one scenario.  This is an easy one.  You’re in church, and you don’t know the people sitting near you.  It is your job to speak to them, because yes, Jesus said ‘Go’ even to you.  Do this:

  • Speak to them before the service starts, if possible.
  • Keep an eye on them during the service to see if they need help with finding pages in prayer books and hymnals.  If they do, hand them yours, open to the right page.
  • Speak to them at The Peace.  This includes children.
  • Invite them to communion.
  • Introduce yourself after the service; introduce them to at least one other person; introduce them to the clergy person; walk with them to the fellowship time and introduce them to more people.
  • Ask if you can have their phone number or email so that you can tell them about upcoming events.

You can do this.  “But,” you say, “I have to talk to my friend Joan about planning the meeting for next week.”  Great.  You can do that too, but you do this FIRST.  If you don’t start speaking to the visitors there soon won’t be any people left to have a meeting for!

Next post: What to do about those visitors on Monday.

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